since the beginning of 2013 since the beginning of the development of the media, the size of the enterprises have tried to do in the social media, as much as expected results. More than a year has passed, since the media has also spent a lot of manpower and material resources, but there is no obvious effect. Some companies choose to give up this year’s social marketing channel budget. It is really not as good as social marketing theory as a result? The new media experts teach you easy today to determine social media marketing methods on your


really understand social media

is a social media, user generated content media, website content most users free, there is no direct employment relationship between enterprises and users, different from the traditional communication media is the carrier of information consulting employment. Social media marketing at any time in the marketing and consumer interaction, so more emphasis on the content of the text and the user’s interactive skills. In order to make the content more targeted, companies need to analyze the positioning of the customer, where are our consumers? Consumer preferences?

enterprise failure factor

Most of the enterprises will

social marketing process of several common situations: first, the lack of professional media operation, most enterprises are the new social media operation, the enterprise does not have a new media marketing operations planning professionals, blindly want to products as the main line to write copy, usually cannot write with the influence of good copywriter.

The new

second, the rise of new media, big V, public account even if you do meet the eye everywhere, still not bad also drowned in a pile of information push sales, fans will not always pay attention to some of the only sales account information. Unless it is also possible to attract customers with the strength of the physical chain.

third, the pre established enterprises anxious fans content selection and product related scripts to accumulate fans, once some fans began the daily sales, promotional messages, this has violated the definition from the media and the initial direction.

therefore, micro-blog, WeChat, some of the zombie official micro, that is, no one update management information. These companies have tasted the loss of social media, if you press the above several cases to operate from the media, then do not waste the manpower and financial resources. Is the so-called "smell way have successively, specialize in", if the enterprise can be equipped with professional personnel management from the media is a bait way, this method is suitable for more adequate financial enterprises. If the micro and small enterprises have some limited budget, such as accessibility of social media marketing is a professional administrative micro-blog generation operation on the market, the enterprise can save manpower and management cost.

do a good job of social media marketing several key points

first of all, the development of social media strategy to clear our goals and objectives of the stage, to build a social media platform for the operation of the framework. Social media marketing team needs to have the art, promotion, customer service, editing, planning, Operations Manager

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