network is an open space, is a platform for users to express their views freely, but also a channel for rapid dissemination of information. However, the network management is relatively loose, but also to some " xinhuaiguitai " people create opportunities.


is the marketing of the enterprises in the network, from the business point of view, vulgar speculation is their publicity and marketing strategy. However, this type of anger can really bring the popularity of the site, and won the favor of users


recent well-known online events show off their wealth: Lan Dong said 80 after 90 are cheap

not long ago, a self proclaimed " sister Lan Dong " who published "80, 90 sons in a video site, all game over!" "my car, you also can not afford to buy" and a series of video. Picture " sister Lan Dong " wearing sunglasses, Qiaozhuo lanhuazhi, showing off their wealth at the same time, also claimed to have before the male star. " sister Lan Dong " also directed against the 80 and 90, she claimed in a video: " say what 80 is the beat generation, 90 is idiotic, I think, are all waste, garbage is all social. "

" sister Lan Dong " fierce rhetoric immediately caused a great disturbance on the network, 80, 90 users have to " Lan Dong ". Many netizens spontaneously set up QQ group, Post Bar, video, devoted to " Lan Dong " the words back, even users set up " anti Lan Dong " reporters in a search site. Type " Lan Dong " and can be found in hundreds of thousands of related web pages.

abuse video was bad reviews:

wealth or hype?

then, users of the " Lan Dong " the " human flesh search. After investigation, " " Lan Dong " she had not previously declared as " a net worth of billions of ", the chairman of the company; an ordinary staff but the video site. There are friends rebellion, in the video, Lan Dong’s background is an office, the office windows show " " Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University; scutcheons, coincidentally the site office address is also on the opposite side of the East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University. In addition, netizens also dug out the " Lan Dong " I am in real life photos, video blog data, personal blog that actually is " a doctor nurse ". End play; some user exposes a building with her work, " every day looked not bow see ". Online show off their wealth, to the vulgar words abuse others already >

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