North America February 25th, daily confirmation has been obtained 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the current round of financing by the Education Station collar vote, North American money letters on wheels to participate in the investment with the investment company. It is reported that North America is daily station education since the founding of the first strategic investment project. North America daily target users with consistent education station. The station of North America education daily investment value is daily especially North American students’ coverage and influence for the study population.

North America’s birthday newspaper after two years of development, has become the core of the news to study abroad, the collection of books, magazines, new media in a body of media. 2016, the daily will be customized for international educational institutions. The topic, overall plan and marketing plan education station, while North America relies on the accumulation of a large number of users daily data, the original content of the creation and construction of the electricity supplier channels, provide a package of solutions.

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