A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 30th news yesterday, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng announced that the company won the seventh amount of $500 million equity investment, so far the liquor business platform since 2011 has obtained 1 billion 430 million yuan financing.

it is understood that this is the largest liquor electricity supplier in the field of financing, which will also be pushed to the valuation of 6 billion 500 million brewmaster network. As of now, brewmaster network has conducted 7 rounds of equity financing, the cumulative amount of 1 billion 430 million yuan. Hao Hongfeng said that the 500 million yuan of funds to enjoy the wealth of the people and other institutions and individuals to invest together. After this round of financing, Hao Hongfeng and his business partner, the proportion of nearly 40% of his stake, while the proportion of the total holdings of investors from more than 50%.

brewmaster network as a veteran of the domestic liquor vertical electric providers, has to carefully conceal mentioning performance. At present, the business is mainly divided into four major business segments, its own platform, brewmaster network to provide value-added services for the wine enterprises, brand O2O platform "wine" business and launched last year B2B business "in the wine group purchase".

As with many domestic

business platform, brewmaster network is to take the amount of sales for the purpose of establishing the sales price system. Insiders said, brewmaster network is obviously in the low-end wine as the main, in fact this is the domestic liquor electricity supplier general strategy, however in the low-end wine gross profit of less than 10%, depending on the amount of profit impact is hard for a long time.

brewmaster network in 6 years of development, has not been profitable, "Hao Hongfeng admitted, brewmaster network began to layout O2O and B2B field from last year, try Internet customized products, because these emerging business sector is still in the stage of development, but also take some time to cultivate, the loss is a" strategic loss ", the company is still to obtain recognition of capital, the liquor industry in the future, B2B and O2O of the market space will be very large, that the brewmaster network mode is promising.

also has the industry insiders said that the liquor had trillion market in Chinese a year, even if the liquor business occupies only 10% share, also has 100 billion of the trading volume, and is now in full of possibilities of the development period China liquor electricity supplier in the future, 35 years is expected to show the trade volume of ten billion level platform.

Hao Hongfeng said the company last year, sales reached billion, is currently actively preparing materials and submit an application within a month, are listed on the new board.

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