1 Giant iPad, iPhone 6S last night, apple opened its history of the most new conference  

12.9 inches iPad Pro, the next generation iPhone 6S, the first update in the past five years, Apple TV…… In addition to Mac, Apple’s entire product line are updated

Beijing time today at 1 a.m., Apple’s new fall conference held in the city hall of Bill Graham.

this is a site that can accommodate 7000 people, is 10 times the size of the apple conference held at the Yerba Buena center. The information content of the conference: iPad Pro, also of a large section of Apple Watch, Hermes Apple, TV tvOS, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus…… Basically this year to upgrade the products are upgraded. Apple in the past will not launch a major upgrade of the two product lines.

2 Wang Xiaochuan: fortunately did not fall into the jaws of death: HUAWEI Sogou; no affection in the sale of  



has recently been angry and the consequences are serious. Everyone gathered around the scene, Zhou Hongyi and cool from yesterday morning has been torn to the night. Zhou Hongyi said "in the circle of friends who stopped I do mobile phone I will do, who" and vice chairman Jiang Chao cool group in micro-blog "" if there is no love, you are just a hateful beast, past affection all gone.

In addition

is already a fishy "friends", there is no partner is Zhou Hongyi focus on the target of shelling. Almost every Qihoo 360 and partners to discredit each other a part company each going his own way, the attack will be staged drama. So today we will look at the break up, small partners are how to say the old week.

Ali: Ma

3 birthday every year do require employees 3 hours of public service  

September 10th morning news, today is the 16 year old birthday of Alibaba, think we should be grateful to the founder of Alibaba Ma open letter asking all staff to think about such a problem. Ma Yun suggested that the public is the best birthday gift, from the beginning of the 2015 fiscal year, Ali per employee per year must complete 3 hours of volunteer service, "is a must, but not a mandatory requirement".

Ma Yun entitled "open letter and look forward to your gift # public three hours #" said in this requirement, with social responsibility, national interests, national development and human progress are Never mind, but it is our heart, about our understanding of this world. "Go to the orphanage to spend time with the children, forwarding a public information, donated to a charity, and went into the woods and rivers, to understand and protect our natural environment…… Is a heart "will make the world,"

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