website promotion now can be divided for the promotion of the promotion of online and offline, then online promotion and main forum promotion, blog promotion, classification information promotion, promotion, SNS promotion, ask for promotion of promotion methods, offline promotion can be divided into active promotion, promotion, publicity and promotion, the single party name card promotion promotion. So there are so many ways to promote online and offline, they have their own good and bad place. Today I mainly explain to you about the different.

online promotion


online promotion has the advantage of free promotion, in addition to paying for promotion, the other is free, this is a major advantage for online promotion, these funds are not enough for our small webmaster, online promotion is the best way to promote, for free, do not have to worry about money will can not support. So online promotion has become a large number of small Adsense to understand the choice of promotion. Online promotion is the common promotion of forum and blog promotion, for most owners, the two promotion is the most used, because the traditional thinking of leaving early webmaster circle, making the two kinds of promotion methods after decades as long. Promotion of online promotion focused on personal websites, such as the station, station, picture novels stand and a series of personal websites, of course there are many enterprises also recognize the benefits of the network, to the development of the network, so slowly, and can keep the online promotion of small and medium sized enterprises station saves a lot of promotion funds. Free online promotion methods undoubtedly got a lot of webmaster recognition, so when you with less money, suggest you choose online promotion.


because many people are aware of the free online promotion, resulting in fierce competition, which leads to many webmaster in the promotion process is quite difficult, some bad luck, a few months did not reach their desired effect. So the online promotion is a lot of a hotly contested spot, but online promotion webmaster is too many to count I did, which is a failure of the past few days to think of a good way to rescue. Therefore, more and more online promotion of innovation, there is no way to promote innovation, the probability of success will be small.

line promotion


offline promotion promotion is mainly used for classification of information site navigation station, where local forum, city, for general articles like the site for offline promotion of little significance, because this kind of site do not need to select the next line promotion, if you are a local web forum, then offline promotion is your preferred promotion methods, because the local website is to let users, as long as the local users know and love on the line, so you don’t have to take account of the user, and offline promotion is very suitable for some targeted users of the website promotion, and the next line > push

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