see more business or brand advertising, when the post office, the subway station, or outdoor advertising of local government is especially strange, after all the departments are generally tall, is also well-known! When they start down to earth and full of creativity, will be more Meng Da ~


these cases are not from a business or brand, but from the post office, subway station, or local government outdoor advertising.

went on vacation again in the summer. The British Post Office in order to promote their Travel money exchange service, invited a group of magicians to the London branch of a return guest counter brother. Including The Magic Circle (a British organization dedicated to promoting the art of magic, you can simply understand the magic association) annual magician Brendan Rodrigues, who is the above screenshot.

results of course, we are very happy to play. The Executive Creative Director MullenLowe said: join the magic elements that make a person came in smiling. This time you can only tell you to make an appointment online to enjoy the 11500 outlets under the line of the exchange fee of 0 foreign exchange services, it should be easier to remember,


Holland post office: send only one kiss


The letter

has become a very nostalgic. Holland post office launched a campaign in the last Valentine’s day, to encourage lovers to sweetheart send a Valentine’s Day card, no stamps, stamp in place with a "kiss" instead of on the line.

this romantic idea has attracted many young people to participate in, the number of letters to Valentine’s day in 2015 increased by 283% over the previous year, even posted a "true stamp" letters also increased by 40%.

Holland post office also guarantee: as long as you put the card into the mailbox in February 13th, will be delivered in February 14th day cards (of course, this activity is limited, area). In the video below, you will see that this activity is not only belongs to the red girl, some boys also joined the "kiss stamps" activities.

the creative advertising also won the Cannes International Festival of Creativity Award this year, so in the video you can see a lot of statistics of social media, traditional media exposure data, as part of the evidence submitted to the awards.

Mexico subway station: squat 10 times free of charge


2013, Mexico’s national obesity rate has reached 32.8%, this figure is even worse than the United states. You know, fat is the source of all diseases"…… Obesity can lead to diabetes, myocardial infarction, and even cancer.

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