how to use WeChat to make Taobao guest? I think this is a lot of friends want to know. However, before Taobao customers to promote products on WeChat is not open, you must copy the URL to the browser to open. However, I tell you a good news, Taobao customer products can be opened in WeChat, the following will teach you how to use WeChat Taobao



I used to write an article called "mobile phone to do Taobao can earn six yuan a day", this article is mainly about the use of mobile phones to do Taobao guest. Today, I want to talk about is how to use WeChat to do Taobao guest.

WeChat can do Taobao off? Many people think that is not possible, because we all know that Taobao products link is not open in WeChat, do not know is Taobao screen WeChat, WeChat or Taobao shield, anyway, not open more impossible to do Taobao customers.

today my QQ mail received a mail, a Taobao alliance mail, it had an article called "the guest how to share the monthly income of 10000 yuan" in WeChat, but also said the APP 3 version of Taobao alliance to share WeChat can directly open the


heard the news, I was very happy, because we all know that WeChat platform traffic is very large, if Taobao can do in WeChat, it is certainly very convenient, but also can earn a lot of money. So today, Shao Lianhu also said to you, how to do WeChat Taobao customer

million a month?

according to the netizen said, is the only link to the client in WeChat open, that is to say APP can download the Taobao alliance, if PC Taobao alliance made advertising does not work, Taobao’s products are not open, I also verified this does not work.

The following

teach you how to download the Taobao APP alliance, and how to share WeChat.

the first step, open the application market on the phone, search Taobao alliance download


second steps to the phone to find a good Desktop Download Taobao union APP, login Taobao union account, you can use Taobao account login


third step, choose to promote the product type, you can directly search product promotion, can promote the collection, shops, etc..


fourth step, choose the type of promotion, we generally choose to promote the amount of 30 days from high to low, you can also choose to spend 30 days commission from high to low


fifth step, we look at the promotion of the product in the promotion of the amount and commission, if appropriate, click on the promotion of

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