do not know why, recently the Internet bigwigs in addition to love without technical content is no integrity slobber war but still love the bet! Two days ago and Ma "century bet" Wang Jianlin again just a year before they had made heavy gambling CCTV arena SAMSAM explanation this is the Internet people suspicion billion yuan a year gambling is just a joke, and will not stick to this joke. In contrast, MA in there, this year eleven before the game public statement, if Ma lost, the whole society is lost, the younger generation is lost. People can not help but suspect that this really is just a joke, or Wang Jianlin first face of Taobao double eleven again and refresh the record fears


in all of Ma billion gamble and Wang Jianlin is not clear what happened when the situation, the 2014 annual economic figures CCTV site selection of this year, the same place, the same event, once again broke a bigger gamble billion yuan, one hundred million yuan from last year to this year’s one billion yuan like a child, playing games, who lost to export in the bag as a lollipop, never. However, the protagonist is not Ma and Wang Jianlin these two online and offline retail heavyweights, and replaced by a pair of beautiful people, one is the mobile phone industry’s "rookie", is a veteran of the refrigeration expert. One relies on the Internet, one relies on traditional industries. They are Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu. The bet is ten times the last time, and time is the last time 1/2.

if you want to say that this is a war between the electricity supplier and traditional retailers, not too much. O2O future in the future, and the electricity supplier and traditional retailers on the whole is a "hostile" competition, from eleven by the Dalian Taobao double lock Home Furnishing stores boycott, we can see that the electricity supplier wants to "landing", traditional retailers want to keep up with the trend of the times, there is a long period to go. Ma and Wang Jianlin, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu, is the outstanding representative of the electricity supplier and traditional retailers, their competition is the competition of electricity providers and traditional retailers want to fight, I win you lose is unlikely, or both, or win-win cooperation, no better than this.

perhaps, these two bets, reflecting the strength of the electricity supplier, but also reflects the electricity supplier and the status quo of traditional retailers. If we can promote the development of the retail industry, of course, is a good thing. But if, some day soon, maybe a year, maybe a month, Lei Jun or Dong Mingzhu will stand up and say, "this game is just a joke, CCTV director said XXX so as to open such a joke, we do not insist on" words to. You are in front of the TV with those who are concerned about the daily news of the audience is a fool, you can again and again, and three of the flicker, but also stand on the site of the annual economic figures stand on CCTV serious stage?

we simply from the two sales look, take Taobao double eleven record 350 billion compared to millet.

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