with the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, the national preferential policies for the domestic car market on the road. 7 years later, with the start of vehicle replacement cycle, domestic second-hand car market is also showing the outbreak trend of ·.

China’s explosive development of the O2O industry as well as the existing 1.5 hundreds of millions of car ownership for the development of second-hand car electricity supplier to provide imagination. Car, car, car, all without a number of second-hand car business platform have access to financing, market wars triggered at any moment. When the advent of the tuyere, vehicle validation, user trust and other issues have become a further obstacle to the development of the automotive electricity supplier. Branding, specialization, the future of the chain may be a feasible way to break the trust problem of the automotive electricity supplier.

air come: second-hand car business ushered in the outbreak of


in June 25th this year, China’s first car industry in the general assembly, China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), deputy secretary general Shen Rong released the 2014-2015 China used car market development analysis report. The report shows that China’s second-hand car industry is ushering in the air. By the end of 2014, China’s second-hand car market transaction size of more than 9 million, and the report predicts that this year’s second-hand car sales will increase to 11 million, the market will exceed 10 million scale.

even so, compared with the developed countries, the ratio of China’s second-hand car and car trading volume is still relatively low, less than 1/10 of the US and 1/8 of Germany, Japan and South Korea’s 1/6, that this value, in our country the second-hand car market is still not fully developed, the future there is still much room for growth.

with the establishment of the second-hand car business platform, the second-hand car trading patterns under the line is being gradually reformed new technologies. The prevalence of O2O model for the second-hand car market reform provides a reference and reference. In 2014, the entry of international capital, the development of the used car industry provides a new opportunity, in the capital boost and industry practice under the dual impetus of the second-hand car electricity supplier ushered in the outbreak of the tuyere.

market pain points: three barriers allow users to trust into a problem

The outbreak of the

industry also brings a lot of drawbacks, user trust has become the biggest obstacle to the development of the market. The Zhejiang media reported in August of this year’s "1058 car cat ultimate certification reliable" as an example, cars, professional technicians due to the "wrong", also found that professional equipment was refurbished second-hand car enterprises "special treatment" problem, caused a big dispute. Although the car, "to recover the original active car accident, the other for a new car, successfully solve the dispute, by users praise for" dare to play, but this event also sounded the alarm for the. For the industry, we can see the three interlocking problems, it is these three problems become a barrier to the second-hand car electricity supplier standardized way.

on the one hand, second-hand car electricity supplier is a natural asset heavy industry, there must be a huge line of personnel support >

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