grassroots entrepreneurs 16 years ago, Liu Qiangdong and to build trillion of the company has become the hot spot of the recent internet circle of. Jingdong’s new year plan from the disclosure of Liu Qiangdong can be seen, the company has changed from the electricity supplier business incremental transfer to the group’s competitiveness and the expansion of new markets. Once with an irresistible force in the potential impact of traditional business electricity supplier industry faces a new consumer market environment, has become a must consider the transformation of the "old" industry.

group layout

"talk about the past, talk about the future" has been the traditional corporate annual convention, and in this year’s annual meeting of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong put a lot of energy to the future development. In the face of the rise of emerging markets, Jingdong how to grasp the future become Liu Qiangdong, shareholders and employees of the booster. In fact, tap the potential market, the layout of the group has become the main trend of the electricity supplier business competition in the electricity supplier into the Red Sea, weak growth situation.

Jingdong last year began to enter the field of O2O and cross-border electricity supplier, has launched a network of Jingdong and Jingdong to buy the world. According to sun Jingdong Group Chairman Liu Qiangdong in the days prior to the convening of the annual meeting of the Jingdong performance shows that the first half of the online Jingdong home Crowdsourcing logistics business more than 500 thousand single in "double 11" single volume will exceed 2 million this year alone; also last year was on the line of the Jingdong global purchase half year has opened about 10 National Pavilion this year, the business volume is expected to exceed the growth rate of 600%.

this year, Jingdong began to enter the upstream, creating a supply chain big network". Among them, the new channel division was regarded as the first year of the group’s Liu Qiangdong railway project. Liu Qiangdong believes that in a relatively closed community mall Jingdong to provide standardized services is difficult to store and competition, and the Jingdong has built a distribution network has advantages in resources, how to use "the Jingdong has become the key, hope to cooperate with these stores, through the traditional wholesale channels for their delivery, so as to Jingdong use existing resources, but also conducive to brand fast sinking to the 4-6 line of the city".

according to Jingdong planning, this year, Jingdong will invest heavily to build a covering all of China’s large and medium cities frozen frozen integrated B2C network. Liu Qiangdong said that this means that Jingdong will build up the three big network, that is, the traditional B2C warehouse distribution network integration, distribution and distribution network, such as fresh electricity distribution network.

Ali will look at the B2B. In the global B2B Industry Summit held on the day before, the Alibaba group senior vice president, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said, the Internet has proved it to the retail industry and the whole supply chain to enhance the value, but also in the B2B industry, simply moved from the line on line transaction, "B2B again to tuyere".

Analysys analyst Wang Xiaoxing, Jingdong, Ali of these actions is not surprising, after more than ten years of development, they have set up a leading position in China, in this case, they need more group.

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