Alibaba listed on the success of the night has become the most attractive company in the world, and its market value has surpassed many domestic financial enterprises, the Chinese management and capital market management, bring more profound thinking. The experience of Chinese liquor industry "golden ten years" after the Chinese wine enterprises, by the way to stride forward singing militant songs has entered a period of adjustment. The high-end market rapidly, the entire liquor industry is experiencing a hitherto unknown change, how to achieve the transformation, complete the brand re positioning and channel reconstruction, is the most important thing is the wine enterprises.

as wine prices should be listed from the Alibaba in this event to get what kind of inspiration, I think nothing more than the following: 1, the spirit of the Internet, the partnership system, 3, innovation awareness.

first talk about the spirit of the Internet, Ma said: how far can an enterprise, depending on it does not have the spirit of the internet. What is the spirit of the Internet: openness, equality, cooperation, sharing. For liquor companies, the most important is to share, not only reflected in the share between the user and the share, and should also include employees, and partners, and competitors, and all involved people sharing. The wine industry should break the original barriers, so that information is more equal, more transparent, so that wine prices more dynamic, more people, inclusive will be greater, learning ability will be stronger.

followed by the partnership system, not to say that wine prices must be the same as the current Internet companies to adopt the mode of partnership, but to absorb the essence. The partner may nominate the board of directors, which can be divided into rights, which is more innovative than the original board system. Now the impact of the founder of the wine business for the enterprise is too large, and now there is no system to protect a business in the replacement of the helm, it’s route does not change. At present our liquor category brand positioning is very vague, brand positioning is completely around the market, the market is good is a high-end, the market is not good when the fluctuation is low, is for brand positioning and mishap.

third is a sense of innovation, the existing wine prices are a continuation of decades of old system in business, want to have a sense of innovation is relatively difficult. As an Internet company Alibaba, in the management of the way to take the form of a chaotic democracy, is the establishment of a variety of project groups, these small groups to do the product. They have advantages of fast reaction speed, all from the user demand, dare to try, have the ability and courage of trial and error, it is consistent with the characteristics of the internet. The traditional wine prices are generally speaking my brand is as old as my cellar is as old as my little wine, my wine ticket is more valuable, but this is only a part of the brand, in the whole marketing system, basically do not respect the user, consumers in a passive.

is now more and more wine enterprises have been on the Internet on the transformation of its own pace, especially the range of wines, is ahead in this regard. In addition to the cooperation platform website, have also started to build.

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