is not a seller can stop the decline of Taobao C shop, any individual can not reverse the Ali company decision, no matter how many small sellers gathered, attack the sellers on YY, or to Hangzhou to protest.

in the big seller era, Taobao C will like the original shop seller personal webmaster, gradually quit the stage of history, or to survive in the cracks, this should each C shop sellers are aware of.

upgrade to Tmall or seller, or leave, or is the survival in the crevice, the three road


I think not, but also a.

1, a classification (market segmentation)


has a lot of big sellers do not look, but small sellers also do not have the ability to do the small classification, the most important is to do the classification of sales promotion to the highest evaluation, not too bad, keep the first position, every month a stable sales volume, the initial investment is relatively large ("upgrade" sales), strength is not small sellers is not up to do.

how to find such a classification? Open the Taobao home page, open each classification, and then gradually open the next classification, found no Tmall or other big sellers stationed, and the highest monthly sales of more than 500, is the primary target. After the analysis, the highest sales volume of the classification of the seller, compared to their own resources, strength, that can go beyond, you can do.

2, with external resources, the Taobao as a trading platform

small seller’s difficulty lies in the big seller’s extrusion and Taobao’s decision making, leading to rising traffic costs, and sometimes money can not get traffic, traffic is also difficult to clinch a deal.

since Taobao snatch flow is so fierce, so we can put the marketing tool on the Taobao station, the station drainage to the Taobao deal, Taobao as a trading platform, rather than competition platform.

in fact, there are already a lot of people to do so, such as the popularity of the current WeChat circle of friends marketing, are constantly attracting fans, and constantly deepen the impression of fans, and ultimately on the way Taobao transactions.

In fact, there are now

specifically for the WeChat marketing trading platform "micro shop", so why choose Taobao as a trading platform? Because Taobao is always a big brand, WeChat can increase the trust of customers, the transaction is also easy.

do the most important thing is to choose the product, and the product as far as possible single, targeted to attract fans, to build their own products into a franchise brand.

3, by way of media

we pay attention to the major mobile phone forum, are not open their own forum Taobao store, which sells a variety of mobile phone accessories, which is a way of web media.

fans from the media say that the above WeChat circle of friends operating mode a bit similar, the biggest difference is that from the media side

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