said Michael Yiwang network marketing effect, Chengdu Shu Chen Office Furniture Co., Ltd. General Lee was not vague, he told us undisguised said: "since the company made a Michael Yiwang platform ( after less than a month, received dozens of telephone consultation, now clinch a deal".

Lee the obvious change of attitude, let Michael Yiwang network marketing consultant was quite surprised, because in a month ago, also made of wheat Yiwang platform is half believe and half doubt. Exemplified thought to build a marketing type website on the Internet will be able to get the order, almost a little hard to believe, however, after Lee purchased and opened the wheat shops in less than a month, Lee thought there is a 180 degree change, develop the network marketing made the obvious the effect, let Lee excited.

VIP member Michael Yiwang shops opened, first received many customers call, is all about the furniture, furniture brand furniture, ask the customer service quality, service and so on, very much. "Sell products, sell yourself first." Smart Lee told us that, for these consulting phone, we have done a detailed answer. A result, a lot of customers, after several rounds of talks, the signing with us."

"not only a lot more than before, but also there are a lot of messages and order information, which are very important business information." Lee very excitedly told us, "we have attached great importance to the information, and patiently, carefully answered, especially those who order information, we communicate by phone, then give the customer send our furniture materials. Now, we have a lot of potential customers."

what is the reason to make the purchase of wheat Yiwang exemplified members get such good results? Landing Lee wheat to buy shops, we can find that almost every one or two days, shops on wheat will have a message and order information. These messages and order information, basically have customer contact information and address. In this way, Lee will be able to contact the customer directly through these contacts.

in addition, we also found that the total Mai Mai Mai purchased shops, an average of nearly 100 visits per day. These visits, some through the website optimization and, some customers directly enter the URL in, some is through the wheat Yiwang platform members are recommended. Have a good flow, coupled with the wheat Yiwang powerful business transformation ability. Lee will receive a phone call from a customer every one or two days.

"how can I do this shop now, you should have done such a good product." Lee’s last sentence, it seems a little regret, but let us feel particularly pleased and proud. Michael Yiwang platform since its launch, has been favored by many enterprises, a rave reviews. This will undoubtedly make people feel happy and glorious. < >

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