1 triangle beast technology

investors: Hong Tai collar investment, good capital with the cast

investment amount: 10 million

June 20th news, triangle beast technology in Hong Kong in April was led by the investment, the capital of good fortune to invest tens of millions of cash Angel round of financing. Unicorn Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2016, is committed to creating a set of the one and only the Chinese intelligent interactive system, a NLP based technology, semantic understanding and learning the core technology of the system platform.


investors: brilliant science and technology, Sheng Sheng investment, the first good investment joint investment

investment amount: 300 million

June 20th news, WiFi bus operator 16WiFi announced the end of the B round of financing, has access to 300 million yuan of financing, which is the highest in the field of business WiFi to obtain the highest B round of financing. As the first official operation of the city, Kunming in May 13th, the first batch of the number of open 16WiFi bus nearly 2000 units, the average daily number of vehicles on the road near the 1700. Within a month after the official launch, the user data that is explosive growth.


brother Sha

investors: Sea Dream hit

investment amount: 8 million

news June 20th, the Internet freight logistics platform by the Qianhai dream brother Sha Chong 8 million yuan PreA round of financing, Guangdong brother Sha network science and technology limited company through the construction of freight cloud business platform, the future will be involved in logistics services, value-added services, insurance and financial services industries.

4 apricot fragrance garden

Investor: Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Co., Ltd.

investment amount: RMB

June 20th news, the doctor created a platform apricot apricot garden announced by the Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Co., Ltd. with the investment of $100 million A round of financing. Apricot fragrance garden founder professor Shen Farong believes that the nature of medical care must be based on the line, the financing will further deepen the medical + Internet layout.

5 Easy order

Investor: Innovation workshop

investment amount: $3 million

June 20th news, B2B mobile ordering platform +SaaS software easy order announced the return of $3 million B+ round of financing, investment by the innovation workshop. It is reported that by the end of May, easy ordering platform by the downstream enterprises pay for the enterprise to pull the number of customers has more than two hundred thousand coverage, chain stores, wholesale trade and trade integration industry more than and 20.

6 Hugo


Investment: Yintai land, financial trust

investment amount: 300 million

June 21st news dark horse will be the chairman of the real estate branch

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