today I would like to give you a talk about the problem of bidding, we give you two examples of powder metallurgy, pipe you can search in Baidu, the top ten are basically doing promotion, visible high profits. If you search in the GG powder metallurgy, there is no promotion, if you have access to the source of funds, and then do GG bidding, there is definitely a 1:20 profit margin, metallurgical return is too high. AD (

QQ space station after another recently appeared to send code 6 QQ, QQ coins and other QQ advertising, if you want to do can do such a page, of course, to do some other work, is not presented here.

second, do not bid, of course can only be optimized, I have a station, station named together Chinese writing network, I also often optimize some key words, such as you search for "born twins before" in Baidu, in the first row is me. I’m just saying it, SEO optimization time is not necessarily able to play the effect of money.

finally, I want to say is that we do the webmaster, especially small owners, since they do not earn what money, is not willing to invest, fear of risk, but also want to make money, this is not possible, or can only earn money.

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