about 300 thousand of the budget basically covers from 200 thousand to 800 thousand, just like buying a car, the equivalent of the reduced version of the equivalent of 200 thousand, and the top version is the top, but the most valuable part of the kernel, the value of stable at around 300 thousand. That is to say, the contrast between the 100 thousand and the third is the grade difference, but the 300 thousand and the 800 thousand are still in the same level, but the quality of ascension.

if you can come up with about 300 thousand per month to spend advertising, the monthly gross profit of at least more than 5 million of the money to take the venture.

monthly 300 thousand overhead has several features

marketing department at least 4 people or more, you will no longer fight in isolation. A few people had better have a clear division of labor, a person from beginning to end, one thing, do not put a thing into a few pieces of a few people to do, this scale can not be subdivided work line.

can start looking for external resources, such as design studio, small and medium sized companies such as advertising, you can afford to pay less than 100 thousand of the monthly fee, but do not take 300 thousand month fee paid out.


next talk about how to spend

300 thousand can do advertising

content in accordance with the promotion of the format

good short video + small range promotion

short video is the main creative spell instead of making suggestions, choose selected video bloggers, compiled scripts level than Papi sauce and short video, strong interest can lead to diffusion of tap water.

quality of the general advertising + a small range of promotion

600 thousand can shoot commercials about Macdonald Kendl Ki level, the price of the TVC system for nearly 10 years did not change, so you pay a price, about 200 thousand orders of the TVC production level is not too high, coupled with the promotion expenses, basically is the common quality effect. But if you have to make a film, then spend more money on the production, so that can be used for a long time.

is a hot topic in micro-blog + a circle

micro-blog advertising products very much, such as the promotion of a waterfall, hot topic, search flow promotion defaults, and fans headlines, you can contact the official micro-blog, take it advertising are clear, this combination can play beautiful. Of course, can also be used on several old marketing or hand piece, a new number even if the water is too large.

outsourcing micro-blog operating +5 commonly used KOL

A micro-blog WeChat

outsourcing operation company, about the cost of 3-15 million, mainly to write and make maps, and the content of the promotion plan, and also provide some KOL shopping service, this time do not recommend buying KOL, a careless money is gone, the best fixed number of long-term cooperation, don’t think for the first time you can impress fans, brush face also brush a few times to remember ah, otherwise.

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