Abstract: the most bizarre spending: when Secret social software and its limelight Cheng, co-founder David Byttow to $3 million will be part of his shares sold, and bought a Ferrari. Admittedly this is a private expense, but this event is often talked about by people.

a person, whether he once ran a lemonade stand or do the indirect investment of Beanie Babies, he generally understand the basic spirit of Entrepreneurship: to make sure the profit income over expenditure. In this day and age, Silicon Valley seems to forget this important point: "income" for small business owners. And if you are a creative and focused on the rapid development of the enterprise, then you know, sometimes losing money is a new way to make money.

, of course, is not always the case. According to the Florida University business professor Jay Ritter of the public offering of the track, we can know that Apple listed in 1980 that year, the technology company profitability and 91% with ipo. By 2015, only 26% of technology companies’ shares were in a state of profitability, the lowest since the dotcom bubble in 2000. Ritter said, compared to short-term profits, investors are more concerned about the company’s vision. If a company is able to tell a story about how it can stabilize the market demand for the company’s technology and maintain its competitiveness in order to maintain profit growth…… That’s what investors are willing to support."

although the loss of money is absolutely an art, but it is not only a growth, but also a "growth narrative". So who is the loser in the game, and who is the most sad, desperate loser?

seems to lose the company


loss reason: Amazon is not the first to know who is with the enjoyment of sex and violence, love discount traits, but Amazon is the first to this insight into millions of online business company. Amazon has become a part of the daily lives of millions of people by offering discounts to members of Amazon’s Prime service, cheap gadgets for the Kindle brand, and random services of all kinds. All expenses make the company’s financial position in debt (2014 Amazon $241 million loss) and earnings (earnings of $596 million in 2015) between the volatility. And this will not cause any problems, because investors continue to promote Amazon Co stock prices. Today, Amazon has become the world’s fourth largest technology company. They are the greatest losers of all time, and they will be respected.

‘s most bizarre spending: shipping. Amazon spent only $3 billion in a single quarter. The extra treatment offered to members free of charge appears to be simple, but it is a huge amount of spending, which has greatly increased the number of

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