from 0 on June 30, 2014,.Wang domain name officially entered the public registration period. High popularity accumulation rush period, and the price is very close to the open registration, the.Wang domain name has achieved good results in the open registration day. .w only one day in June 30th,.Wang domain name registration is close to 15000, in all the world’s new top-level domain name in the top seventeenth. In the next 24 hours, the global registration of.Wang domain successfully exceeded the number of 20000, reaching the top in the world’s top new domain name list jumped to the top eleventh.

as the linkage of the world top Wang domain name registrar, the record is very good, second days open registration registration began in total ranked third in the world, and the linkage of stable prices, from the beginning has been to open registration, the 45 and the people first price of 58 yuan to repay customers, agents price has not changed, but the price is very competitive. Truly inherited the linkage of the world has been the purpose of the lowest national domain name.

.Wang why the domain name in such a short period of time can achieve such good results? The top-level domain registrar 7 interpretation of the linkage of the world you have to register.Wang domain for everyone.

1,.Wang domain name is highly consistent with Chinese memory and spelling habits. .wang domain name is based on the global Chinese spelling habits and the launch of the first top-level domain, both to avoid the cumbersome Chinese domain name input, but also inherited the convenience of the English domain name letters.

2,.Wang rich domain resources, collection of numerous "ace domain". As a new domain name suffix, the domain name is extremely rich in resources, easier to register, brief and easy to meaningful domain name.

3, the price close to the people, with an absolute high cost. As long as 58 yuan will be able to register a high-quality.Wang domain name, its high cost, so many companies and individuals concerned about the.Wang domain to spend less money can be registered to the best domain name. In addition, the.Wang domain name in the sunrise period, the period of cybersquatting fair price also allowed to accumulate enough popularity.

4, the first on-line, grab the first mover advantage. The.Wang domain name as the first registered in the Chinese provide the public a new top-level domain, the value of its first mover advantage, it can lead step by step, whether it is the use value or investment value are definitely worth having.

5, English simultaneous registration, a "net". Registered letter, English domain name, also want to sync up Chinese domain? No problem! English in.Wang domain synchronous open registration, ensure that you want to take a "complete", all


6, a wide range of applications, easy to promote. Chinese Internet users are accustomed to the Internet Co called a certain network (such as Sina, Taobao),.Wang pronunciation with the network king, which is in line with the cognitive habits of Chinese netizens

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