over the past two months, with a number of active disclosure case, Ali integrity department has become the group’s Alibaba to be concerned about the media sector, this was founded in 2009, the domestic rare by the enterprises themselves to the construction, system construction and the prevention of corruption as the main functions of the Department, is testing as one of the most open Chinese private enterprises, Alibaba in the system of preventing and combating corruption, have determination and efforts to promote.

just a few days ago, Alibaba group secretary general Shao Xiaofeng has just been appointed chief risk officer. This is a new position, and therefore no surprise was interpreted as the outside world, prevention and control of corruption in the implementation of the strategic level of Ali group once again strengthened.

achieved interim results: the amount of complaints, complaints decreased significantly

everything is in order. Shao Xiaofeng said, with the foreign ministry integrity officially unveiled, and over the past few years continued to combat corruption, especially the second part of the Taobao group Alibaba and external stores, alleged unfair interest transfer event has been significantly curbed, corruption to the external path Taobao penetration has basically been cut off, in case of Juhuasuan involved in corruption, telephone, mail to report the amount of complaints has dropped by nearly 90%. " Ali anti-corruption initiatives have achieved a phased ".

it is understood that the formation of the above conclusion, Ali is quoted from integrity department it has accepted the report as well as the corresponding processing results. Ali had the integrity of the Ministry of foreign Report Mailbox officially announced a number of communication channels, and issued a public letter said, " to seek illegitimate interests through various means to members of the network, a report or by them, we will be permanently closed shop, and the situation over the judiciary, pursue its legal responsibility ".

Shao Xiaofeng said that from the case it has accepted and dealt with the integrity department, was once outside misreading of the anti-corruption situation has been reversed Ali, especially in the path of corruption to cut off the external penetration of Taobao, the relevant anti-corruption initiatives are playing a role.

but he stressed that the " corruption is not a movement of the work, but sustained, systematic measures to protect the system ". He said that Alibaba and Taobao today is an open platform, and the community is closely interlinked, all social problems are likely to penetrate. " after 9 years of development, today’s Taobao platform flow everywhere huge business opportunities. Naturally, these resources are derived from a variety of rent-seeking space. There is a possibility that the generation of the value and the existence of power will have the possibility of corruption. But Alibaba resolutely " corruption; zero tolerance ".

recent anti-corruption initiatives for Alibaba, director of the information center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Wang Xiangdong is very appreciated, in his view, these initiatives that the company’s top anti-corruption determination is very strong

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