is currently in, eager for the webmaster, Comsenz (Comsenz)’s UCenter Home (UCHome) experience station launched a version of graffiti, ride, online video verification and other functions, the new version of the test work has become the focus of attention of the majority of owners. Many owners have been through a variety of ways to ask how to get UCenter Home 2 beta version, hope to the first step in a new version of their website on-line.


UCenter Home 2 Alpha version

July 13th, official development team blog announced that all the first time hoping to upgrade their site to assist the official beta site, all can participate in a UCenter Home site development situation investigation, that will launch a beta version to vote the way. Previously, Comsenz official development team had to disclose UCenter Home 2 product launch plans, is expected before the end of July, is still in the design of the UCenter Home 2 will provide for part of the site test version of the news operation formally verified in the latest log.

UCenter Home is a national copyright bureau through the audit and registration of community products, was awarded the 2008 annual domestic software innovation award, the market share of the country’s first community SNS software. At present, UCenter Home set up SNS application system model Chinese network community by the Internet industry generally recognized, has been more than 13 million websites by Internet, China become the highest degree of acceptance of community SNS user habits, become one of the practical application of SNS standard Chinese community.

is a safe, stable, efficient and open the UCenter Home has become a professional SNS community site for the upcoming UCenter Home 2 version on the line once more, the localization of the SNS community products resources, won thousands of webmaster favorite. As the year 2009 the first time Comsenz launched the investigation activities within the test product, is expected to be completed in July voted to work and investigation activities, please see the webmaster, actively participate in the poll. The development team development statement, the survey will be dedicated to assisting the official how to better plan UCenter Home, is expected to release UCenter Home 2 version of Beta in the August test package, available to all UCenter Home site test.

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