network era, more and more businesses eager for the network marketing, we all think of the Internet gold rush, and network promotion products emerged is more more people dazzle the eyes. However, the network is not paved with gold, there is not enough investment, promotion is not up to good effect, and with well-known website cooperation, advertising and so on also need a lot of money, originally for the lack of confidence in the small and medium-sized enterprises, is not to die to do network marketing, the network marketing is dead. Network marketing does not seem to be few, but how to get a good promotion effect is a problem with low cost.

has been working for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the perfect "one-stop service" Xiamen scholar to the friends of business software, as the advertisement claimed, "goal is to ‘win’ global sales, according to the network marketing software specially designed many functions are in the moment for the sake of the actual situation of small and medium-sized the enterprise, which can strictly control the cost, and strive to get the best effect of network promotion.

to look at the main function of software designing, and calculate the cost. First of all, the friends of the software with the customer information search function, the goal of enterprise customer information data of electronic yellow pages can help enterprises customized from the network, the enterprise of their target customers to change pages in a timely manner, rich resources of enterprises to maximize sales, improve the enterprise sales data file can then be developed actively to potential clients resources. The friends of the software business information search function, can put together tens of thousands of business websites in the world in huge business opportunities and business information according to their own needs to find out, including sales opportunities, production of raw materials and equipment supply, new technology and supply related market information, for the enterprise to save the production cost, improve the technology content, expand sales opportunities. Software designing advertising information release function, can be targeted to release thousands of enterprises and products in the business website and related business on the content of information, rather than advertising in the well-known website cost is obviously much lower, and targeted publicity to let more professional audience receive relevant information, these professionals are likely to be a potential customer, make it become the possibility is very substantial customer resources. Software designing business letter mail function, provide the lowest cost solution for the enterprise to establish contact with all customers in the most short time, can be your product, price, service and other market information free of charge transfer to tens of thousands of new and old customers and target customers in the shortest possible time, to help enterprises the depth of mining more business opportunities. In addition, the friends of the software also has a search engine login function, network page landing function, also is to enhance the visibility of the enterprise and the product network effective way. And all the features listed above, in addition to the cost of installing software and Internet access, almost no additional input. To give a simple example, the company sent 10000 business letters, at least more than $8000 postage costs and a few days, and send a Email of 10000 ads, just Internet >

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