online shopping mall of the three – meter thirty-six combat marketing


] the enemy’s situation is clear, and the attitude of the friend has not yet been determined. Use the power of friends to destroy the enemy, they do not need to pay any strength. This is from the "loss" hexagram tactic to push the performance.

thirty-six meter diehard Bangyan wins the war meter, represents an important philosophical meaning. In the history of war at all times and in all countries left in the glorious chapter, is a universal truth. From the I Ching evolved, with Marx about any rules are the true reflection of objective things. At the same time, it also confirms the Confucian theory, the gentleman is good at things, this simple view.

: the case of our great leader Chairman Mao has highly strategic vision, and at the same time another person generalissimo has the same ambition. The 77 incident in 1937 changed the fate of China, while bringing great disaster to the Chinese people, but also a test of the reflection of the then two political parties. Chairman Mao called for the establishment of the most extensive national front, called on the whole nation to fight. The generalissimo "rangwai must press" policy has been in politics at a disadvantage. As was the opposition party, the unity of the various segments of the resistance force, even including the landlord class, the result by this knife of the United Front for the political initiative at the same time, the military battlefield in front of retreat, the Eight Route Army through guerrilla warfare after the establishment of a wide range of base, followed the rapid expansion of power, gain the initiative in the military. Eight years of war, the Eight Route Army and the New Fourth Army from the initial development of twenty thousand or thirty thousand to a total of 910 thousand troops and 1 million 200 thousand members, more than 100 million of the population and the masses behind the large tracts of land. With the capital of the Kuomintang and a high. (Note: the latter case will be a combination of the Communist Party of China to build a new interpretation of the thirty-six, and then talk about the use of the Internet, which is also more convincing)

The specific use of

Internet shopping marketing, is a perfect interpretation of how to better use of resources.

, a strategic level: leveraging the power of. Ma Yungang Alibaba, or an unknown young entrepreneurs, and now very influential simply cannot be mention in the same breath. However, Ma planning of Hangzhou West Lake mountain Internet Forum a famous battle, standing on top of the internet. Invite Jin Yong and Internet five head converge on West Lake with a sword on the network, attracted netizens crowded, scrambling around the peerless master sword amorous feelings. This forum can China Internet Yearbook on a record, thousands of Internet users from around the country came to the Shangri-La Hotel, become the paradise Silicon Valley Network Summit compiled by. Passion is higher than they from hundreds of domestic and foreign media reporters, far from the western Wall Street. Ma Yun, with major network master on an equal footing laid up the Internet gangster figure. Alibaba has also become a world-class Chinese enterprises.

two, the tactical level: an example. The graduating students network is a vital force in the recruitment of College students. 2006 World Cup China

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