March 20th, soil net announced in the Great Hall of the people, to get 150 million yuan B round of financing, by the complex cultural and entertainment partners Fosun chiefs Guo Guangchang’s collar vote.

soil net model is: to solve the problem of asymmetric information transfer land through the online platform; then online open circulation service company, familiar with the culture of law and policy of land area, agent, pH and other information included land. Through these steps, improve land use efficiency, so that the use of idle land, and improve production and quality, enhance the income of farmers.

soil net CEO Wu Yong estimates, at present China rural land circulation can be worth about 100 trillion yuan, of which about 40 trillion of cultivated land, forest land 20 trillion, 40 trillion. If the policy continues to open, China dusty land assets will gradually be invigorated.

soil net hope land reform into China tuyere. With the farmers to migrant workers, the land idle land in serious condition, at the same time, in accordance with the trend of city policy and rural land circulation scale, make legalization, and in the past one or two years, the land began to "Three Rights Separation" – from the village collective ownership, farmers master the right of contracting management right top to the big opening, let the big gathering land, large-scale and mechanized operation.

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franchise, soil net to find a profitable model. For a long time, the bank is very sensitive to the risk of rural land mortgage loans, the amount is small, there are problems in the land, the realization of links, if you miss the farming season, the land value will decline, the disposal of non-performing bank will be a great obstacle.

in order to reduce the risk of bad debts, soil net introduction of the insurance company or Guarantee Corporation to provide security for the farmers, let the mortgage of land management right integrated low cost loans to 8%, lower than the market price of 12%. If farmers can not timely repayment, insurance or Guarantee Corporation Xianhengpeifu, soil net immediately launched the contracted land circulation, to ensure the payment.

at present, agricultural loans reached 60 million yuan, Wu Yong said, the future will develop more land soil net financial products, expand the "golden soil service" scale, the size of loans in 2016 will reach 1 billion yuan of land management right.

at present, soil net existing land agent of nearly 10 thousand people, 340 million acres of land in the soil flow online listing, up to now has sold 96 million acres, 840 thousand registered members. Wu Yong said that the soil net in the land circulation this big plate in the market share of approximately 10%, accounting for 70% of the market share in the land circulation in the Internet industry.

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Mu McKinnon also involved in land loans, risk control is the way for developers to provide security in grain trade. The establishment of information systems, seeking security side, to help the realization of land, are involved in the right to operate the common practice of loans. However, there are other sectors of the rural financial industry believes that the right to operate is not complete >

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