In order to reveal the

explosion of red crown princess "promotion" marketing approach, we find the music as homemade communication and marketing for peanuts, "Princess promotion" of the marketing team when interest interactive team talked about this oratorio why success.

really is not poor, but producer LETV boss ah

said that the whole network bad crew is not in fact true. "The cost of making the Crown Princess promotion" is 20 million yuan, in the self-made drama circle is a medium cost, also has the son of Hai Yan Ryoko Yoshiki as a director, as the wife of Jia Yueting Wei Gan as a producer, how could be reduced to poverty. There is some difficulty, peanut said episodes just shooting, shooting props on the whole by other crew (it is rumored to be a crew in the forest update) borrowed. So the so-called "poor", one is to spend money to spend, spend on the knife edge; two is a selling point of the drama, for everyone Tucao fun. But the most important is that they were a successful experience, tested.

so-called poor how to say?

peanut: why the poor as a marketing point because of my experience. At the beginning of 2015, when the music network homemade drama called turn the emperor back to the modern, but also the network made drama dark horse. At that time, our point is to fight poverty, poor sales, the effect is very good. At that time, there really is no budget, I am a person doing, very hard. Users are most concerned about is that you are not fun. So we copied the play. At the beginning of the boss (Wei Gan) is questioned me, but the word of mouth is not bad, there is no deep correction. But there is only one blower, leakage.

20 million of the investment is spent on what?

peanuts: I think the main points of several blocks:

first piece: sets and costumes, hard costs.

second: lens. The woods such as running the shot, no way, all machines are not shoot, to spend 10 to tens of thousands of rent a machine.

third: late. Music and color have spent a lot of cost. We have an album on both NetEase and QQ music, and we haven’t even seen a few of the 30 soundtracks.

back to Ben?

peanuts: early back, and earn a lot of money, but it does not disclose the specific.

whether it is the story of the selling point or poor, can be copied it?

peanuts: from the story to the marketing, are completely copied. The promotion of the crown prince is the last year, "turn the emperor back to the modern" copy. In 2015, when there is no penny, I am a person, all day in his own micro-blog, watercress platform to do, but today I have a budget, a special team to help me fly. But in fact, the money is very small, less to the kind of poor, we are safe copy of the "turn emperor" marketing methods. "Princess" is the first word in Sina micro-blog

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