this result let Zhou Hongyi furious, and soon the public open saying do not know Sogou Wang zhang". Wang Xiaochuan and Zhou Hongyi have frequently only smiled, said that this is the 360 emotions, and will not bring other results. This is the common choice of several bosses, and now the results are expected to achieve."

2017, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in an interview with the media, made it clear that Sogou is expected in the U.S. IPO in 2017, as well as IPO valuation, the use of funds raised, the next three years, such as target information. But then, Sohu denied Sogou will be listed on the news, and said: Sogou listing is currently no timetable."

originally thought that Wang Xiaochuan can get a girlfriend, the netizens have begun to continue to worry about his life.

put his youth with Sogou bind the 18 years, nearly 40 year old Wang Xiaochuan is still single, if Sogou listed in the foreseeable future, perhaps on behalf of Wang Xiaochuan’s life before the event. Because he had vowed, Sogou day is not listed, he did not find a girlfriend a day.

is a wonderful talent will make such a poison oath, the company does not go on the market, on a single life, a lot of people say Sogou owes Wang Xiaochuan a wife, but the answer is that my wife is my sogou. Previously, the article had "how to get global diamond Bachelor Wang Xiaochuan cheats" burst of red network, mentioned in the text, to be Wang Xiaochuan’s wife, the wife is only ranked third, Sogou, Sogou two wife is rationing his assistant, a real wife was ranked third.

see here, you may also see how Wang Xiaochuan is a workaholic, but also a very stubborn workaholic.

"internship for the boss earned 200 million"

1999, Wang Xiaochuan senior, as an intern, he was in Chen Yizhou,, three people founded the practice of ChinaRen, which is the beginning of the Internet into the beginning of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of, which was founded by the people of the world in the past years. It is said that at that time, Chen Zhou, Yang Three directly to Tsinghua University, found Wang Xiaochuan’s dormitory to grab people, and immediately opened a 8000 yuan of salary, this is a irresistible figure at the time, but also a part-time.

but Wang Xiaochuan did not live up to the high salary. Although in the internship period, but the workload is very large, he simply sleep in the office, get up to work as a part-time student, but under the hand of the 7 editors. 8 months later, he made the ChinaRen alumni records and news to do unusually hot, the amount of web browsing every day, 44 million, China’s top fourth website.

later Sohu to ChinaRen acquisition, Wang Xiaochuan to do this part of the price of $30 million sold to Sohu. Not only did Chen Yizhou make money, Sohu registered users look more than 9 million, the amount of page views is up to the average of 64 million times.

is also, therefore, Zhang Zhaoyang suddenly

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