December 26th, 3N partners announced the acquisition of Southern China’s first cloud industry base is too macro wisdom Valley strategic investment, the two sides will establish the depth of cooperation in the start-up business incubator and growing enterprises to cultivate the fields, build quality incubator service ecosystem. Founded less than 18 months, 3N technology partners have received three rounds of investment, fully embodies the 3N technology partner team and the huge market value of 3N technology incubation.


Technology incubator service

as a regional leader in Southern China, 3N from Southern China area famous Internet technology veteran Mr. Liang Jiankun led the establishment of more than CTO, co-founder and director of product output, Internet product technology professional ability, through the depth of technology Internet plus stake in the venture, to become the best partner of Technology entrepreneurs. For start-up enterprises, 3N depth technology incubation, growth period for the traditional enterprise, 3N will provide comprehensive technical support Internet plus transformation. Since its establishment, 3N has been successful in technology shares including Xi news cloud / car / journey / Travel ceremony touched the net group drama / pick up myself / good / interesting / o China UNPROFOR party /FOLLOW BEE and other more than and 10 projects, a number of projects for further investment, the cumulative valuation of the project more than 300 million yuan.


"Internet plus" entrepreneurship, technology is always a difficult problem, at the beginning of the direct recruitment cost set up the technical team is very heavy, the cycle is very long, very difficult to start, and a large number of traditional enterprise transformation to choose outsourcing, and because the core interests is difficult to quickly advance. 3N through the "creative technology shares" and "revenue sharing" means the depth of participation in the project development cost, take early in the project, and entrepreneurial risks and share interests, highly recognized by a large number of entrepreneurial companies, has also been the support of various investment institutions.

Acer too wisdom Valley gold Chairman Jiang Yuan said that Hong Tai wisdom Valley is Southern China’s first national public cloud industry base, National Science and technology business incubator, is the Ministry of science and technology and space, has formed a double ecology, the whole chain, specialized cloud Industrial Park, has built nursery + incubator the whole incubation chain + accelerator. Hong Tai wisdom Valley currently in for more than 130 enterprises, from 35 enterprises, 17 enterprises investment and mergers and acquisitions, a total investment of billions of dollars. This strategic investment 3N, mainly about the 3N team Internet plus deep understanding of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team of highly recognized 3N service technology of soft power, that can combine with 3N depth, and further build the business incubator ecosystem closed loop, help start-up companies and the transformation of the traditional enterprise smoothly from 0 to 1, the final growth for a unicorn.

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