just after new year’s day, once again to the lunar new year, so as to flow for Internet Co especially business enterprise, certainly will not miss this golden promotion season. So, you will see whether it is on the network or offline bus, subway, platform are full of promotional atmosphere. For the king of these ads, there are 500 mature companies, but also a small start-up Internet Co. Then as a gallop product and operation for many years the first Mr. unconsciously ask, start-ups really fit in the subway overwhelming advertising



first, marketing is always the most expensive money Internet Co spending

traffic for any Internet Co is a lifeline, the difference is that some Internet Co need to flow is designed and refined, and some Internet Co need to flow is large and full. But after the Internet marketing is essentially a field of battle flow. Flow based on the user, in the case of more selective at present, the situation is very serious homogenization of goods, hit the money to buy traffic is undoubtedly one of the major Internet Co have to choose. As a result, Internet Co has become the major online and offline advertising distribution channels. But for veteran Internet Co, from the ratio of revenue and hematopoietic function, the overwhelming advertising can deepen the impression of new and old users, improve the user’s stickiness. But for the lack of hematopoietic function of start-up companies, spend a lot of money to do these conducive to PR, but not conducive to the flow of offline advertising is not desirable. From a rational point of view, every penny of start-up companies are valuable, it is necessary to spend it on the edge, so as to ensure its continuous flow of funds, to be able to sustain the next considerable financing. After all, the current Internet Co can survive more than anything else.


second, for start-ups, the effect of advertising on the subway is not necessarily good


always said here does not specifically refer to the subway subway advertising, more refers to the line of the subway station, bus and other places. For users, in the face of such a complex platform, the most important thing is the sense of trust. Suddenly a strange platform on the subway, in the psychological does not necessarily allow users to accept, but because of the proliferation of advertising, so that users have resentment. Similarly, the two-dimensional code in the subway advertising, busy office workers is surprising, scanning is very little. In general, now the cost of a single WeChat public number of about 30-50 yuan, the average cost of a APP download is 75 yuan. The single cost of subway advertising may be higher than this, we say that the cost is just to download or pay attention to the cost, but also to face the cost of promotion. Everything here is too expensive for the start-up Internet Co.


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