promotion, marketing, we often start from the activities, organize what kind of activities, will achieve better results, we often pay attention to such problems. Adsense in the promotion of the site, the operation of the forum, marketing micro-blog, but also often consider what kind of activity is more appropriate. Often see some sites, forums activities, it is worth learning, here is a summary of their views.

public nature activities

Jiangsu satellite TV, "if you are the one" program, last week organized a "migrant workers" special, for the majority of migrant workers in cities to provide a blind date platform. Migrant workers special program simple, sincere, pay close attention to ordinary people’s love, pay attention to the story of ordinary people, I don’t know if this program is not a few more ratings, but this is the public nature of the concert will get the audience more goodwill and support. Although migrant workers on the appearance of girls is not very beautiful, temperament is not very elegant, but they are more simple, such a blind date show more real.

whether or not you are the kind of friends show special performances, or in some activities in life, we are more concerned about public welfare activities. No wonder more and more stars, began to become the spokesman for public welfare activities, public welfare activities can make their image more bright, more sunshine. Webmaster in website promotion, if we can combine the public welfare activities, should receive more attention. Multi user activities combined with the needs of users to help others, such activities tend to have a wider spread and positive influence.

closer to user activity

do not know if you have such an experience, look at the news to see the information, often more concerned about the city’s news, more concerned about their own news. Therefore, in the planning of organizational activities, the need for more research on the user, and the user has a real relationship, allowing users to focus on their own initiative while focusing on this activity.

before I participated in early July in Shenzhen saw a fair, exhibitors website organized a "street shooting contest" to all the ordinary people of a show themselves. To pass by booth, for boys and girls, to be willing to show people in front of the camera performance opportunities, photographers recorded their beautiful figure with a camera. "Show street activities" to more ordinary people the opportunity, will get more attention, pay attention to their users in the competition situation, an active interest in activities and activities of the organizers, the activities in the propaganda site naturally show himself, too.

webmaster in the promotion of the time, it is also considered organizational activities, so that the activities are more viscous and continuous, in order to better retain users. If it is possible, of course, towards the development of public welfare, such activities themselves have higher value, there will be more attention. Admin5 forum is also often considered public welfare activities, increase the significance of the event itself, but this opportunity is still looking for. In addition, some essay activities, but also to strengthen user stickiness and identity, let the user know better.

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