network marketing, the enterprise should adopt suitable network advertising, to carry out their website promotion or product promotion. After the completion of the enterprise website construction, website and business promotion should pay attention to the appropriate methods and channels. The use of inappropriate means of advertising, or is a waste of their advertising costs, big nets catch small fish, or is the use of inappropriate advertising means to destroy your reputation.

mass as spam mail

in the early days, many companies like to use bulk mail in the form of business promotion, you may have heard people say, send spam is a good way to do business on the internet. But this is a big mistake. Many companies often do not have their own good positioning. Some mass mailing software effect, let you be as spam, unless you are a strong brand of the company, and your email page customization is very beautiful and professional title and address are very formal, but it is often difficult to. The production of the general content of the mail with a large number of mass, often often counterproductive. Not to be said to be spam as a nuisance, if you only have a little bit of the accumulation of the brand image because the mass is not very high quality mail makes people feel very cheap, then your brand damage is your loss. If you can give me an example of making money out of junk e-mail, I can give you 10 examples of how to make more money through formal channels. You don’t have to send spam messages.

news discussion group or BBS to send ads unrelated to the theme

is similar to sending spam messages to a newsgroup or BBS that has nothing to do with the topic. Many companies in their own website after the completion of the construction, the feeling of their own network marketing to show their skills, so the massive search for some platforms to vote advertising, no matter what kind of platform to do. For example, on the front of the news discussion group or BBS to send unrelated to the theme of advertising. Your ads and browsing the information is completely irrelevant, what is the use? There are so many online advertising, why must use the reaction way? And don’t talk about some moral problems of the platform, this behavior is not what business sense.

big nets catch small fish

some of the company’s products and services have not kept up, it is worth spending a large number of portals to do online advertising. To know the advertising costs of these portals are expensive. If your product does not match the scale. Then the money is often not invested in advertising costs. So we have to carry out an assessment system, to see whether they have the ability to advertise in the portal platform, is a common snack in large shopping malls to rent the store, bought a big net to catch fish. This is often a waste.

so, our enterprise website construction and network marketing, to carry out the planning of the professional system, select the appropriate channel platform for website promotion. And our website construction company

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