from the September 2007 blog since the Tuixy blog has been introduced the network related content. During the blog theme is very complex, involving too wide, and personal energy is limited, too much to do too much but not so good, so I decided to start from the first day of 2009 transformation.

statistics from the blog traffic and the intention of the visitors under the analysis, this year, Tuixy blog almost no breakthrough, which may be what we call the development bottleneck. In this regard, I also thought for some time:

why write a blog?

why do visitors come to your blog?

blog what kind of content is more attractive?

what is the absolute advantage of

?What is the maximum limit of



with these problems, I found myself before the blog just from personal interest, what they want to write what to write, classification is more and more, the content is more and more miscellaneous.

if the blog wants to develop, it must change!

The first thing that

needs to change is the idea of the blogger: from the original personal interest, to a better experience for visitors;

secondly the change of the theme of the content: from the original wide and miscellaneous, to the present special and fine transformation.

everything is ready, you can now start the operation:

Tuixy blog repositioning: network to make money, online money making method

reason: individuals engaged in the network to make money for nearly 3 years, making money for the network that was familiar with, but also some personal opinions on the line, although they are not what master, but the experience is quite rich, so positioning in this respect, still have the advantages of



network from the region to make money, divided into domestic network to make money and foreign networks to make money;

from the network to make money by way of division, the site to make money, blog to make money, make money, etc.;

from the network to make money technology division, site technology, blog, e-mail marketing, network marketing, etc.;

also opened their own more familiar with the topic, together with some of the money to make money, experience sharing, as well as network related resources to make money.

to do now is how much, first change so much.

in order to be able to do better Tuixy blog, I hope we can give advice, thank you!

finally, I wish you all a happy new year, 2009,


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