members pass through trade and the exchange, so I helped him with some of the most effective methods of network marketing, network marketing method, I told him some more practice, the members said, the way we are useful, for example, the enterprise website we built for several years, the search engine PPC advertising. It has been put in, also insist on writing my blog in the blog platform, community often post, but found that each effect is not good, the network marketing method can give me more effective point

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almost always accompany us in the electronic commerce network marketing, in the staff of the enterprise, network marketing in China for ten years, also emerging network marketing methods are many, many companies are active and passive try various network marketing methods, but can through the network marketing mode to help enterprises to obtain profits, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market is not much.

China of small and medium-sized enterprises in the total number of about 30 million, of which about 3 million corporate enterprises, 27 million are self-employed, statistics show that in 2007 through the search engine advertising (including the mainstream search engine PPC, paid advertising) more than 40 thousands of network marketing companies, ordinary membership number reached about 24000000, of which nearly 300 thousand member number. Chinese enterprise website is about 970 thousand, the number of users online advertising portal focused on brand enterprises (mentioned here do not contain advertising network search engine advertising), otherwise China statistics show that nearly 41% of the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing did not attempt any.

through the above figures can understand a phenomenon: the number of Chinese tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate enterprises accounted for only 1/10, more is self-employed, with search engine advertising, B2B e-commerce platform, enterprise website the number of paying users can know the digital, network marketing application level China of small and medium-sized enterprises is very low the network marketing and the way of presenting more focused features, then return to the theme of this paper to discuss.

Network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises of the mainstream

can be summarized as follows: the enterprise website construction, website promotion (more devoted to the search engine), B2B e-commerce marketing platform; in addition to the above main enterprise network marketing, blog marketing, community marketing in 2007 also received a lot of enterprises and the main jobs of network marketing practitioners attention and application in addition, more business owners are also very popular in the free internet marketing platform, such as B2B a free membership, a large number of free information release, which is also home to the book to the friends of business software, business express such a reason information publishing software can continue to expand the market.

returned to the friend above mentioned problem, provide some of the most effective methods of network marketing, in fact, this is a difficult question to answer, have very big concern with personality characteristics, network marketing methods and enterprise Internet marketing industry, constantly changing environment, such as the electronics industry I in for example, companies started in 2001 Network >

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