Abstract: for entrepreneurs, said the project need to clear the 9 problems: value proposition, important partners, core resources, key business, customer classification, and provided by the new labor, cost structure, income structure. The more clearly you can understand, the more confident you will be in your cooperation.

investors daily to deal with massive data, will star Han capital, the amount of data that needs to use the IT system to sort out the. So for entrepreneurs, and massive BP competition, how to make yourself stand out today and share some tips.

first, to use one or two simple words to say clearly project.

some entrepreneurs say, there is no way to say one or two words to understand what they are doing, and you have to find one or two words to express themselves clearly. I’ve been talking to you all the time, and I’m sharing a routine.

we divide Chinese enterprises into four types. China society is divided into small groups and public groups, minority groups is very concerned about something, playing so well. The mass group is that people start to pay attention and feel good. Chinese either from the level of economic structure, or a vertical field, are minority groups and mass groups. So, through the arrangement of the minority and the public, can be divided into four kinds of business models.

1, B2B,

are light luxury custom businessThe first kind of

business model is the minority groups driving minority groups, and we call it the customization economy. It’s part of the fun, the other starts to play, and the group begins to do it.

the economic model has two typical industries: one is the luxury economy, private custom type; the second is the B2B industry, B2B is a typical customized economy, is a part of the company choose to do, it’s an industry business model, also let a company to do.

2, PGC economy, the traditional standard Internet

second is a small group driving Volkswagen Group, called the product economy.

product economy is that part of the group choose to do, the majority of groups need to use, everyone is thinking about this thing can be customized. This time the introduction of a feature of the product economy, mass production. The product economy can also be called, PGC economy, profession generate contents, generated by the professional user / professional users of the content of the economy. PGC is a very important part in China, like the United States and other Western countries.

3, KOL economy, fan driven network media

third plate is the mass driver minority groups, so as to produce economic benefits, we call it media economy, or fans economy. That is to say, a lot of people pay attention to one thing, the people who are concerned

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