as the most luxurious marketing, word of mouth marketing is really suitable for the Internet?

when we heard a young school earning hundreds of thousands, or several people composed of a small team will be able to complete the business performance for millions of years into the Internet business with so much hope and fantasy so much, but when you get to the bottom of the inside, carefully inquire is that the information you get is a monthly income of hundreds of thousands. He is running a novel station, because it is millions of years into team play auction, illegal products, your Internet entrepreneurs dream finally crumbling, overwhelmed, does the Internet is a huge black production machine industry? What is the word of mouth but superficial


story "evil" will never win, life is also. A fast industry so much and eventually landed a penalty of 260 million of the end, although I also regret our this once the best use of the video player, if only to the identity of a user, Nora passing just a significant loss undoubtedly. But our destiny finally become the alarm video sites are: the content of self-sufficient stand (although Nora itself has been very good reputation of the user, the content is attached) once stripped, only one road landslide. Do novel station, do not know what the illegal bidding products will go in, wise early hand? You always win in gambling will easily leave? Can let you stop the sharp decline in fortunes is.

has no reputation as you can get good profit, even with a good reputation is still huge fines can not stand, so "reputation" is what? Really suitable for the Internet? If suitable for and what is the role of


U.S. mission network: Based on the user experience, a good reputation from the battle of thousands stand out

has experienced thousands of war for the U.S. mission network, because adhere to the principle of "customer first, customer second", after all, hard work and business communication for group purchase products that are of high quality, low price, and respected users finally ushered in the good business reputation, and for "word of mouth" led the entire industry benign ecological cycle. But here we need to pay attention to is that the beauty of the United States is based on the performance of the user’s precipitation for many years, rather than specifically to create a word of mouth marketing".

Douban: hold good reputation for many years suddenly started by user "abandon"

watercress monarch reputation in the PC end can be considered as excellent, but also is the last two years, many users began to question the watercress, face rapid rise of the mobile terminal, in the end how proud the feelings of watercress monarch? Or just do the mobile terminal? Whether Douban had a kind of reputation Legend, in the era of rapid changes in the Internet era, users of Douban has begun to produce the "mind".

example of the United States Mission Network tells us that the word of mouth marketing in the late really easy to use, watercress example also tells us that the word of mouth in this kind of thing really can not count on the internet.


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