Abstract: smart people may not be successful, many programmers are very smart, but I know that they will not succeed at a glance.

a lot of people are yearning for a day to start their own business, programmers are so. If you want to start, then how entrepreneurship, which need to prepare, own what these problems have you considered? In this paper, we share the entrepreneurial class to the programmer Zhou Hongyi told a media interview.

programmers entrepreneurship special

on the programmer business, I want to talk about my views, because I am the programmer was born, is also a small company to do it, I think many programmers treat people including shareware and some small website is very good. I want to share some experience and experience.

first of all, I want to say is that smart people may not be able to succeed, many programmers are very smart, but I see that they will not succeed.

because I see some problems, and now there are too many programmers misunderstanding. Therefore, I would like to tell my views to programmers. Some programmers may be able to wake up, a person may be because I have a feeling of a word, for his later growth has helped, this is enough.

want to know, programmers always think that they can be successful, is not.

Chinese most programmers is blind: look at the forum will be able to feel, or a group of people feel extremely good, or is a group of experts to itself, not blame blue collar and social environment, the treatment is not good.

should say that the success rate of Chinese programmers is very low. Looking ahead, there are a few people who are successful in the Chinese Internet has written ten years of software. In fact, the situation is very different from the story we can hear from the media.

many programmers are the highest ideal is to write a shared software, can earn millions of dollars a year. But I want to talk about how to make money is not easy to make money, but to tell programmers how to start a business. For example, although the author of FlashGet of high income, enough to live comfortably, but from the view of the business, it is not the way to business success.

programmers lack of entrepreneurship in

first, I see a very lack of cooperation mentality of Chinese programmers, I think this is the biggest problem for Chinese programmers, of course, there are many reasons.

we often say this: attitude determines everything. But in fact, good programmers are basically arrogant, because programmers tend to feel in the world a very great things, this is the driving machine, change a line of code, the machine can work, can produce a variety of different behavior. It is easy to let programmers have an illusion that they can Control Everything.


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