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The use of

between the Tencent Inc and mobile phone communications operators to settle the payment by the time difference, in a large number of online purchase the balance of the anonymous mobile phone card, use the mobile phone card SMS custom Tencent Inc QQ membership service, then QQ membership services to online buyers. A few days later, Tencent Inc and mobile communications operators in the settlement of accounts because the balance is not enough to settle accounts. Changle et al is that Tencent Inc caused by the loss of thousands of yuan in a short period of ten months. Recently, Jiangsu province Xuzhou City Yunlong District Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud prosecution of Changle 7 people according to the law.

independent entrepreneurial dream to become CEO

23 year old man Changle operates a network studio in Xuzhou. For the study of computer network professional him, to carry out business card platform is at home.

early in the college days, Changle dreamed of becoming a Ma network CEO in the future, and try to do poineering work independently. He was at a price of 1500 yuan from an Internet company to buy a card platform, the main business calls, game cards, prepaid service software and some similar to Taobao’s trading system.

in recent years, Tencent Inc Q drilling products online sales, according to division of red, blue and purple, powder of different colors have different grades, grade Q shall have different levels of privilege in drilling QQ games or other QQ business, so the diamond sales price from 10 yuan to 20 yuan. On a monthly basis. Changle chance, began recruiting in May 2011, through the card platform to buyers release sales profit from Q drilling information.

but after two months of operation, Changle found the sales situation is not optimistic, little income, he is not willing to.

online chat found the way to make money

at the beginning of 2012, Changle found in their own trading platform appeared in several "Q brush drill" supplier. By chatting with them, Changle learned "a way of making the burst card Q brush drill" "".

According to the

Changle account, there is a way to open Q drill through mobile phone short message customization, payment by mobile phone. This is the first way to pay after the opening, that is, three days after the opening of the Q drill or even longer time by mobile, telecommunications companies on behalf of the corresponding customized mobile phone card to offset the cost of information. It is the first opening payment mode for "Changle gave these people an opportunity.

The so-called "

Q burst card brush drill", is through a large number of buy low, the balance is less than the anonymous mobile phone card, SMS custom Q drill after the sale to the online buyers, after the mobile phone card balance is not enough to cover the customized Q drilling costs, the Tencent Inc can not get to the price and service fee in mobile phone communications operators clearing accounts. Burst brush profit and Tencent Inc, but suffered heavy losses.

has found the "money" after the reorganization of troops, hired Changyi, Zheng Ji.

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