April 18th news, the Commission issued a quarterly bulletin notice law, in April 20th, there will be two companies will be on the IPO, including xinhua.


Xinhua start A shares IPO April 20th Audit Commission first application

Commission official website information display, the Commission for the issuance of the trial committee is scheduled for April 20th will be held on the motherboard trial will be audited by Xinhua, the first application of two vibration furniture companies.

after April 27, 2012, after, people.com.cn landed the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2013, xinhuanet.com appeared in the list of pending business commission. After A IPO shares halted, xinhuanet.com listing plan ran aground. 2014 IPO restart, the new listing plan to start again.

from the China Securities Regulatory Commission data show that as of April 14, 2016, the China Securities Regulatory Commission accepted the first 766 companies, which have passed the meeting will be no more than 653, no more than 113. Not too would normally pending corporate enterprise 622, 31 Enterprises suspend the review.

According to the content of the former

pre disclosure, Xinhua intends to issue new shares 51 million 900 thousand shares, representing the total issued share capital of 25%, the total investment raised by the proposed fund to invest in the project is about $1 billion 497 million.

State Administration for Industry and commerce registration information display, Xinhua registered capital of 156 million yuan, the legal representative Tian Shu bin, approved date is June 12, 2012. Its licensed business items for the second types of value-added telecommunications services in the information services; Xinhua news service on the internet.

public information, Xinhua was founded in 1997, is the direct deployment of the central leadership, Xinhua news agency directly under the leadership of the national key news website. In the second half of 2009, as one of the central key news websites in the first batch of enterprises to transform one of the pilot units, Xinhua to turn the enterprise restructuring, which entered a new stage of transformation and development.

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