last week is a week, surge high and sweep forward a lot of interesting things happened. Set off the waves, of course, Tencent Alibaba Baidu three giants.

the first phase of the "west slope Zhou Ji", the three companies as the protagonist it, look at the industry version of the three kingdoms.

Mid Autumn Festival is in this week, the country has a clear holiday system. However, even the holidays, many people can not help but open the computer to see the news.

what news is so important?

exactly, it is rumored that Alibaba to open a bank. Many people say: Alibaba set up the bank entered the demonstration stage, intended to pay the license.

, however, there are different views on the West slope. If you open a bank just to pay the license, it appears to make a big deal right? If Ali has the strength to open a bank, hasn’t the strength to "pay business license"? If the Alibaba becomes open a bank, only that the strategic objective is to enter the financial sector.

Alibaba to open a bank, is the Mid Autumn Festival rumors.

, however, during the holidays, there are certain official news out. For example, Baidu has ah.

mid autumn day, Cai Hu, general manager of Baidu e-commerce business unit in micro-blog, said: at 16:16 on September 22nd, there is a platform for the successful completion of the test of life on the line. Although it will take time for external access, we have taken a solid step towards a better vision."

Baidu will be transformed into e-commerce promotion platform, and the introduction of group buying business. The idea is this: to avoid the opponent’s existing platform advantages, Baidu’s massive user advantage to play out, forming a pan e-commerce situation.

in depth after the siege, Baidu has tried to break.

Baidu has ah in transition, Taobao will not stop, the whole network search Taobao has started closed beta.

for Taobao’s search, a more feasible approach is to Taobao data based, supplemented by other e-commerce site data, do a professional shopping search.

in the production field, the momentum of the largest, not Ali, is not Baidu, but the Tencent.

Tencent has just released the BlackBerry version of the phone QQ browser, can be widely supported Blackberry4.5 and 5 of all models. So far, the mobile phone QQ browser has been completed covering Symbian V3, Symbian V5, iPhone, Android, MTK, Java, blackberry and blackberry platform. (BiaNews: Tencent on pressure UC, the browser platform covering seven


this is the wireless domain.

addition, Tencent SNS products "Friends Community" (pengyou.qq>)

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