May 15th news, in recent years has improved video copyright, because of the continued large-scale piracy PPS once again raised concerns. Today, the Sohu video sent a letter condemning PPS website on the "intention", "the oath", "Hunter" life 23, a total of nearly 800 sets of unique video Sohu copyright piracy, and repeatedly received a lawyer’s letter and notice, refused to line behavior.

said in a letter to inform the Sohu video, since the "intention" launched in May 3rd began, PPS has been through the client and web pages, live streaming and on-demand form of piracy. During this period, the Sohu video business, legal department, multi times clearly inform, direct communication letter after the requirements of offline forensics, but all the other was delayed and rejected.

and PPS for half a year long continuous video copyright piracy Sohu unique "departures", "country love Serenade", "oath", "Shuangcheng life life" 23, a total of nearly 800 sets, 200 million yuan worth of television drama, harsh nature, serious. Clear video Sohu has relevant evidence and legal documents are to be delivered the letter of notarization, and start legal proceedings against PPS, HD screenshots and video Sohu also issued a large number of PPS piracy drama issued a lawyer’s letter.

Sohu issued PPS to the media video piracy "intention" and 23 TV drama this letter:

big dramas "intention" before the launch, the Sohu video through the "Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau of publicity, legal rights declaration and the media" and other means of rights of the websites that prohibit illegal piracy; in May 3, 2012, the "intention" of the official launch, PPS has launched the brazen drama, organized in the client and "live streaming client, large-scale active piracy and eye-catching recommendation.

video Sohu legal department several times to call the PPS letter amounted to more than 10 times ask to delete pirated video, Sohu staff also repeatedly with other executives to communicate directly, but PPS continues to live streaming and on-demand way to piracy, but also a variety of reasons to delay, refuse, of poor quality, if the circumstances are serious.


in the exclusive drama "intention" on the line before the Sohu video copyright center in Beijing has the Copyright Office in advance of the "intention" of the exclusive copyright statement, at the same time, the PPS lasted for half a year. A large number of piracy "country love Serenade", "carelessly fall in love with you", "Instigation" and "departures", "Hunter", "Shuangcheng life", "life", "marriage vows to defend the war" in 23, a total of nearly 800 sets of video Sohu exclusive copyright movies and television, video content copyright Sohu to buy these total pay up to 200 million yuan cost, piracy PPS rights to the Sohu by video at present, our great influence on the legal evidence intact, and the relevant evidence and legal documents are to be served on the process of notarization, starting on PP>

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