technology news August 23rd afternoon news, Baidu (138.64, -0.80, -0.57%) and nuomi today jointly announced that Baidu will Renren (3.56, 0.16, 4.71%)’s sticky web of strategic investment 160 million U.S. dollars, to get about 59% of the equity. After the deal was announced, all the group CEO Chen Yizhou published a long article in the personal homepage, talked about the development of glutinous rice network and O2O industry views.

Baidu deal with glutinous rice is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2013. In this calculation, Baidu’s transaction on the valuation of glutinous rice network at about $270 million. Glutinous rice network to buy business with Baidu’s existing mobile LBS, maps and other services to achieve complementary advantages.

for this transaction, Chen Yizhou has just released a long blog published his views. Chen Yizhou said, O2O is a huge demand for users of the new Internet business, the market value after the success will not be much smaller than B2C". "O2O’s typhoon is coming, glutinous rice is on the air." In Chen Yizhou’s view, the China group purchase business after the layout of the stage and warlords, began to enter the disk, and the O2O is just beginning.

"I continued good rice network, later I will be sitting in the board of directors of glutinous rice, inject continue to promote everyone and Baidu in resources, continue to vigorously promote the development of recruit veteran soldiers and able captains, business." Chen Yizhou said in the text that way. (Li Yun)

The following is the full text of Chen Yizhou


glutinous rice network is how to make


rice was founded three years ago, everyone in the company is inside the incubator project, one of the fastest growing business: one from Shen Boyang, single-handed, zero turnover, the short span of three years, up to now nearly two thousand employees, business involving more than and 80 City, a business volume of billions of years.

2010 is the time to buy the boom struck, when there are several buy site just came out. In 2007, December, I published a diary on campus, "what is a social business," began to think about the relationship between SNS and e-commerce. The largest social network innovation in the new (news feed); we recognize that in the network of acquaintances inside, popular things with fresh things spread quickly, when the transmission coefficient is more than 1, can reach the level of diffusion index. 2010 buy just come out, we feel, cost-effective buy, should belong to this category. At that time, Shen Boyang has just joined the company from Google (870.21, -3.50, -0.40%), responsible for all open platform. In early 2010, I let him pay close attention to the research and the rapid rise of several buy and flash mode. In his strong recommendation, we decided to focus on the study group, GroupOn (9.87, -0.11, -1.10%) model.

was not listed, the money in hand

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