often Admin5 webmaster network of old and new webmaster friends will have such a feeling: we have recently seen on the Admin5 or have not had time similar to the following:

      grassroots webmaster and Internet users after the dialogue: what we ignore? This article is very good. It’s a great inspiration to me! Author: Zhang bird)

      the webmaster is very helpful and enlightening articles, but unfortunately these good articles published in the front page of Admin5 to recommend 1 to 2 days, a little better in the "hot hits", "hot reply" again reveal a face, but "good times don’t last long"……

      I wonder: according to the current Admin5 station network development in terms of speed, every month, every week and every day will be from different areas of the novice webmaster to patronize and stay, where before then published a good article to go? Is it not seen?

      I take my application on Admin5 called "a cat’s world" space to do the test, the results show that when Admin5 published on the front page of the effect is good, according to the date into the furnishings, do not rule out the occasional users according to the key word search to your article but the probability is less than 3%.

      if similar to the Webmaster Help and think of good articles are as transient as trassient as a fleeting cloud then ask graph king, you give each of our members to set the center of the 20M log space is not some waste of resources? Even if the king is using an independent server, but the same can not avoid the growing data occupied by the Admin5 of space resources, the impact of user access speed, is it the king is very greedy search engine included?

      write here, there will be some objections, said: we have to submit the members of the article before the release of the editorial review, the editor is the audit of our articles to be published. How can we say that we published an article wasted the king’s space resources?

      first of all, I want to be sure that the above point of view, you are right! However, I have to correct the idea, if you made as mentioned above with a certain significance or webmaster operation and SEO optimization performance, of course, very worthy of praise, if thousands of hits, or the number of comments over the total number of comments received, cut the number of 2/3, of course, should be retained and recommended; if only reporting or adaptation such as station or leisure industry trends like the article, I think no need to save for a long time, because of their own online news like this is innumerable, "

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