Jingchu net news (AFP) (reporter Fan Ning) football can be Kung Fu, kung fu panda can, why can’t the Olympic website Kung Fu? In the central China Normal University, a group claiming to be "13 man" college students set up a to the Olympic theme, but rather the "martial arts flavor Olin inn" website, the sports and sports athletes in all martial arts moves and martial art, martial arts assembly by way of the Olympic Games a moment of quiet. Open the page, can see a special "Olympic countdown", said: "from the capital and opening the 40 day symposium."
        the reporter saw in the homepage, website construction team were to "Chen Xiang Yu" and "Hao Furong" name, reminiscent of the first two years of the hit series "swordsman". The website style and characters and series design, set up a "white paper" martial arts ", idle Olympic painting" and "jade nosy" column, "Knight", "genre", "style", "weapon" and other characters in the definition of sports. Shen Xue Zhao Hongbo and Yang Guo as lovers of martial arts Helen of Troy PK, gymnastics and martial arts rival, Cheng Fei jumped to dodge sprinter Asafa · Powell Duan Yu’s speed comparable to Ling Bo micro, Russian tennis beauty Sharapova joined the "Russian" eyebrow pie…… These sports topics through martial arts packaging, coupled with the easy text, become more vivid and readable.
        the reporter interviewed the website claiming to "shopkeeper" Chen Lu, she is a junior college of Huazhong Normal University, 12 "store man’s, respectively from the school of journalism, information technology professionals, known as" the 13 man". They created the martial arts style, the Olympic theme of the site, is to participate in a National University in the context of the Olympic theme website construction competition. "I think the most important thing is to use this platform to showcase the unique creativity of our college students."

source: Ezhou University DE campus forum

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