Google if you can make a compromise, the successful launch of the Chinese version of the application store, will play a role in regulating the industry and Android ecosystem.


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this weekend, the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying that Google is negotiating with the Chinese government and mobile phone manufacturers, ready to launch a new Android application store in china. Wall Street journal believes that the move is a sign of Google’s return to the Chinese market.

but in fact, the return to China, Google did not give more detailed signal. Even Google Play whether the Chinese government license is temporarily unknown. According to Reuters news, in addition to the audit by the Ministry of industry, Google Play China customized version of the line to go smoothly, we have to make a compromise is: all the data should be placed in china.


Google market as the entrance of the Android ecosystem has strategic significance. Compared with the traditional model, direct store to narrow the gap between software developers and consumers distance, eliminating the middle of the dealer, which also reduces the threshold of application software, improve the enthusiasm of developers, in order to form a good ecological environment of the development of mobile phone.

recognized that the application store has become a new entrance on the phone. Google is no exception, software downloads, ranking, user evaluation can become a platform company control market basis; plus Premium software brings payment services, said Google Play is Google Android Master entrance ecology is not too much, especially in the mobile Internet era.

Google Play or Android help system has launched the first attack cities and capture territories, choose a customized version of Google Play is the truth. According to App Annie data, the second quarter of 2015, Google Play store application downloads about more than Apple’s App, compared with the first quarter of 70% and a huge increase in the number of Store. App Store is still only in the ability to make money than Google Play better.

in addition to the impact of the Android market, the first launch of the Google Play application store to get the entrance, more convenient to take this opportunity to lift Google’s more business.

due to reduce the cost of software distribution, the app store should be given more opportunities for software developers to provide a stage of fair competition. But the current situation is, in Chinese due to the lack of transparency of market competition, Android app store chaos.

Android store is facing a large market of billions of dollars. The Android app store innumerable. "Open source" should not be confused excuse, but due to the lack of an industry leader, Android market is akin to a "no rules" chaos. Many applications store operation is very opaque, like a black box, for marketing.

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