wrote in "Eric Zhuanshuai? Exactly what’s wrong", these days people have been asking why I am black guest, is not take the competition advantage. A question I want to explain, as a business practitioners, I have no intention of attacking customer, where the customer creates clothing online marketing precedent, promote the traditional garment industry to extend the Internet process, that alone is worth all the electricity supplier practitioners respect. Today we encounter difficulties is one of the most difficult hurdle, all vertical growth or heaven, a wrong thought in passing, or hell, sincerely wish it can Nirvana rebirth.

before we start on the first Tucao, where the public really than its product quality. How will move out of debt crisis so far fetched reasons? How many days direct commitment to solve the supply problem is not on the line? Also face all of the product in question, these two days out of a where the customer is willing to accept the old Lei Jun millet type transformation of the article, the overwhelming, as if the words old, know and has improved customer products, it is fortunate. But just a PR stick. If this month has really hit in the reflection of estimation does not make a good sound in the 10 million ad this hot headed thing? At least advertising should be the theme of the regression where the quality of products and promote, at present this consistent sketch advertising would be counterproductive, let the customer more disgusted.

back to the topic, so we only concern, because it is the vertical electric field benchmark, the earliest international wind cast (tiger) perpendicular to one of the business enterprise, is also in it after continuous international venture into China market, accelerate the development of Chinese electricity supplier, and on behalf of its rise and fall affect the vertical electricity supplier’s fate.

let us work together to sort out these years with us on the vertical, there are dozens of the number on the name of the long list less, PPG, Amoy net, red child, masamaso, cotton, poly mesh products, the best network such as dangdang.com, Mcglaughlin as trassient as a fleeting cloud, and has been listed the vertical electric life is hard.

a lot of people in the tangle of vertical electricity supplier in the end is to do their own brand is good or good platform. In fact, the success of the vertical electricity supplier, or do their own brand or do platform independent. Over the years, whether it is a vertical platform type electricity supplier or brand type, a lot of fall. The success of the original electricity supplier is a natural environmental factors: industry market size is large enough, there is a high level of industry barriers, industry standardization is extremely high.

industry determines the size of the vertical electricity supplier can go far. Jingdong development is the best evidence. Jingdong is starting from the vertical electricity supplier, largely due to the success of the election of such a huge amount of 3C and standardization of the industry as a breakthrough point, and ultimately successful transformation of integrated electricity supplier. And like this fast and easy network Tencent backed by backers of the electricity supplier in the breakthrough in the field of 3C slowly find some feeling.

industry barriers can effectively prevent competitors from entering

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