technology news August 30th evening news, women’s community aunt today rumors to make a formal response, said the aunt currently operating normally, a new round of investment is nearing an end, also said the year will launch the consumption of the type of medical grade intelligent hardware, completed a comprehensive strategy to upgrade.

previously, there is news that Aunt operating major problems, including a new round of financing is not smooth, users and users daily living data fraud, core team infighting home.

But the aunt had

not for the rumors of the official response, until today evening, aunt right through the official micro-blog to make a formal statement. In addition to denying the statement of financing is not smooth, the team does not and other rumors, but also said that the current day live 5 million of users, this year, as of July revenue of more than 2015 times the annual revenue of seven. Also revealed that during the year will launch consumer medical grade intelligent hardware, and complete a comprehensive strategic upgrade.

for the rumors, the aunt thinks is "criticism" and "slander", but the official statement, the aunt also said that the development of enterprises is not Everything is going smoothly.

public information, the aunt was founded in May 2012, founded by real and angel Bay millions of dollars in angel investment; April 2013 was real and BAI millions of dollars A round of investment; in July 2013 by Cai Wensheng’s long collar A+ round of investment capital; September 2013 Sequoia Capital and BAI tens of millions of dollars B round of investment in June 2014 was 62 million; health D round of investment; in October 2015 by Haitong and BY-HEALTH 130 million yuan E round of investment. (Li Gen)

The following is the aunt

in response to rumors made official response:

recently received a lot about the aunt do the operation of the inquiry, the main concern of the problem make answer, I hope to help you better understand the aunt.

now, aunt APP daily for more than five million users to provide quality services to users is stable and robust growth, good in all aspects of operational data. Advertising and business income of the aunt is also growing rapidly, by the end of July 2016 revenue reached 2015 annual income of more than seven times, the development has been beyond our own expectations and investors on the aunt. Aunt inside the good atmosphere, team stability and strong cohesion, we have reason to believe that the aunt in the joint efforts of all staff, our performance will be a leap again.

Keep good relationship with

aunt has been active and various investment institutions, and to open and friendly attitude towards every investment cooperation mechanism. At present, the aunt of a new round of financing is nearing completion, in agreement with the investment institutions and related policies and regulations, we do not announce a new round of financing. If a new message, aunt you will inform you the first time.

development of any enterprise can not be Everything is going smoothly., will encounter criticism and slander. But we are

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