by August 15th, held together Zhicheng Jialian 2009 Beijing grassroots webmaster exchange "project held in Beijing, the main party to the Internet after the winter of the site’s profit model as the research focus, aims to assist the webmaster to spend the winter of the Internet, explore and exchange more website profit pattern. The world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia ( as an important partner of this event, was invited to attend the meeting.

Interactive Encyclopedia HDwiki marketing manager Mr. Kun Kun at this meeting to the webmaster and the media introduced the Interactive Encyclopedia and the world’s first Chinese wiki site system – HDwiki.

According to Lu Kun

, HDwiki is designed for Chinese user design, completely free open source encyclopedia website system, using PHP and MySQL to build a stable and efficient station program, received a high honor in many software selection, HDwiki launch, and strive for the domestic and foreign many Wiki enthusiasts and business users with a free, easy to use, powerful Wiki station system. HDwiki in terms of ease of use and functionality can be controlled and other aspects of the majority of the owners and users of the network, there are tens of thousands of sites successfully set up a Wiki site or Wiki channel. At present, HDwiki has been updated to 4.0.5 version, the new version of the HDwiki editor is greatly enhanced in the ease of use and stability, through the optimization of the data structure, the new version of the program can help to save space in the database of more than 30%. Lu Kun also revealed that HDwiki 4.0.5 rewrite the rules in the URL, increased the site was included in the search engine to increase the chance to get more access to the site.

For many

webmaster, HDwiki can be used in the shortest possible time, the lowest cost, the least manpower, set up a comprehensive function, performance, security and stability of the wiki platform. What is more important is that the Interactive Encyclopedia also provides a full range of support for webmasters to build the Encyclopedia site.

the meeting guests gathered and love founder Guo Jijun, Mou Changqing Master, cradle network promotion network SEO expert Liao Wenliang, legal network Mu Jie, Tianjin webmaster alliance Liu Hongwu and Tianjin Ruan Qingrong, Ntalker Dong Yuqing climb system etc..

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