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NetEase Francisco October 8th message, Mobvista (mobile vision) today announced the acquisition of NetEase capital of ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing, since last year set off to become a boom has won ten million U.S. dollars capital overseas mobile advertising platform.

in the wave of internationalization "ferry"

is different from the PC Internet, in the mobile Internet era, more and more from the Chinese company’s product innovation, operational innovation, R & D innovation and market innovation began to lead the global trend. At the same time, due to the growing saturation of the domestic market, the giants led by the platform companies and emerging content companies have been eyeing the overseas market. We are committed to helping people across the sea and gold in a strange country, do the "ferry" role." Mobvista founder and CEO section of NetEase technology said.

is currently one of the largest overseas mobile advertising platform, Mobvista choose NetEase because of its ability to borrow resources to form a better business complement and brand awareness. For NetEase, the investment also helps to promote the rapid pace of its overseas strategy.

Team founder

Mobvista from UC Web, HUAWEI, Alipay and other first tier companies, in April 2013 officially provide services. At present, Mobvista has a global coverage of mobile advertising platform, aggregated from 236 countries and regions, mobile applications and web advertising, on display more than 4 billion, domestic large and medium-sized advertisers more than more than 300, covering more than 1 billion users, and is through the user data accumulation and upgrade the precision and the commercial value into mobile terminal program delivery.

is a strong Mobvista flow area of Southeast Asia overseas, in the focus of advertising business at the same time, they also observed that this area has a population of 600 million is rapidly being infiltrated by the intelligent mobile phone, China as a few years ago. Thus, Mobvista from the beginning of the end of 2013 to do hand travel in Southeast Asia, the flow will be done in depth. In the hands of overseas travel, the most important thing is the combination of traffic and content. Southeast Asian countries affected by the history of Chinese culture, in recent years by the impact of the Hongkong TVB drama, easy to accept the theme of Chinese wind. Moreover, the difference between the dominant position of the third domestic channels, the main channel is still overseas, the list of great influence. Plenty of overseas traffic and domestic high-quality content, we have two pieces of advantage." Duan Wei said. Mobvista is now released nearly 10 games, Qin beauty in Vietnam reached $1 million monthly water, the only one for Vietnam S class tour.

entrepreneurial experience

After graduating from the University of

section of HUAWEI, responsible for the development of software products overseas. But after a year of work, I chose to leave. The reason is very simple

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