although the title seems to be associated with the cool and cool 6, but I really want to say is to share the idea of open source and a selfish, plagiarism ideas. The main reason I chose to share is because we can find almost anything we want on the fly, and cool 6 is selfish because it’s on the video with my LOGO. Web2.0 era should be an era of sharing.

      Web2.0 is a share time, share is a happy, creative commons blogs follow "sign for non-commercial use consistent", which is said as long as in the case of full respect for the original author can use without restriction in non commercial use. Since1984 recently revealed that he has a lot of articles by visual China steal, the latter is a list of the original bid in a flagrant way, by not in commercial use, you at least have standard work source? Doesn’t that make you angry?

      Baidu space and Sina blog is another selfish blog hosting, why do you say so? If there is a Baidu or Sina space blog you subscribe to the blog you will find a lot of images cannot be displayed, it is a piece of writing "the pictures from the Baidu space" or "the picture only for Sina blog users to communicate this picture. If the picture is Sina or Baidu blog space where the original works, in this way we will not have to protect the objection, but the problem is that picture is not a copyrighted pictures, and pictures of the owners are willing to share with others, what is the reason for the chain technical picture?

      to use picture anti-theft chain technology is mainly for the purpose of traffic, but such thoughts and Web2.0 Baidu and Sina blog space misfits, the two made one of the Web2.0 sites China today’s community, why not do Web2.0 fusion spirit?

      GPL is a GPL protocol software, anyone can make any changes to the software, but the modified software must follow the protocol. But, in most users, there is a spirit of sharing, if there is no such spirit, may not be the resource of a polymerization of the largest area, we can find almost cannot be found in the Google in 1988, the old records, equation racing video etc..

      so I think our idea is the originator of Web2.0 thought.

      maybe a lot of people have used vagaa, it can download the file, I have already uninstalled it, because it does not follow the GPL protocol, run out

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