reported that the new version of the advertising law will be formally implemented in September 1st this year. Compared with the old version of the advertising law 20 years ago, the "times" to "pop ads, advertising message included. Among them, the "pop can not close, set the maximum penalty of 30 thousand yuan", sparked heated debate.

The ubiquitous

Internet advertising popups

love the Internet friends all know, today is everywhere online network popups. No matter you open is tall on the mainstream news sites, or interesting commercial websites, Internet pop is like chewing gum, stick in the front of the screen. To tell you the truth, some of the network pop has a positive effect, such as government websites pop, is generally an important notice, and is closely related to the interests of the people. These pop out after a reminder to the user, tell you this notice is very important". And as a news portal to pop, in order to meet the needs of rapid access to news and information users, save in the mass of information aimlessly looking for time and energy.

, however, more and more network popups are no longer "information service window", but annoying ads. Especially some yellow pop, rely on "pornographic and violent" attract eyeball, scantily clad beauty, head tail figure and other horror picture, more porn animation is full screen front, from a large number of third party plug-ins website popups, not only slow down the speed, interfere with the normal work and study, and some also like a cockroach, turn off a long one, serious is the direct manipulation of computer, computer, become a slow death upset rhythm virus.

is more serious, many browsers have memory function, the user simply search once related topics, after each time to open the browser, will automatically jump out of a similar picture, video, news links. The time to stop violence and yellow pop website, not only did not try to "ban" responsibility, but also puts in the front window. Driven by the interests of the website, ask the public order and good morals, not only benefit about the pros and cons of the initiative to become yellow pop a molecule.

this reversal of fuel, not only play a negative impact on minors, but also may be confused due to the rational value perspective. For example, a major car accident after the website first time window, selling clothes or injured in the accident vehicle parts, the "pop entertainment, commercialization and vulgarization of interpretation to the extreme.

pop-up yellow pop, damaging and misleading, which is different from the Internet users in the network of violence. If not promptly stopped yellow pop style, you may at any time become victims of violence.

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