news May 16th, Tencent official news release, recently launched a new round of combat action fakes, specifically for the WeChat public account and the circle of friends, overseas purchasing fake fake goods, massive clean-up.

it is reported that the circle of friends fake brand bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, pens and other documents to provide overseas purchasing all kinds of disaster caused by flooding water, the real ones, so the type of marketing for WeChat "unbearable".

is reported that the clean-up action named thunder action". Tencent to show absolute confidence and determination. We have the ability and determination to fight against fakes, will be more careful study, improve the mechanism."

Tencent said that after a round of attacks, if the fake comeback, launched another round of new attacks. Fakes rampant affect China’s new commercial civilization, therefore, at all costs are willing to.

in fact, the "thunder action" is not the first time WeChat and fake. Previously, the circle of friends over marketing behavior, WeChat official has ordered the closure of a section of the public accounts.

according to Tencent data show that the number of WeChat users has exceeded 600 million. WeChat circle of friends is a characteristic of the largest, is the circle of acquaintances, friends of business based on trust payment site more than a layer of "friendship" than the other third, looks more likely to be believed. But in fact, many of these luxury goods, many of which are high imitation goods, due to the lack of supervision, WeChat platform has become a fake safe harbor".

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